Garage Bedroom

I knew it would be tough when my parents told me we were moving into my grandparents’ basement.  My new room used to be the garage.  In fact, the gray garage door was still there, though unused.  Since there was no ceiling, pipes and insulation hung from the floor joists overhead.  Grey cement bricks hemmed me in on all sides, and a massive immovable shop shelf commanded a whole wall.  There was no closet, only a piece of wood with some nails sticking out of it, and not even a bedroom door.  To complete the picture, a huge stain sprawled on the untreated concrete floor, and no combination of chemicals and elbow grease would eradicate it.


After moving my stuff in, I sat down to consider my options.  Now, I have never had a lot of cash, but my grandparents promised they would finance some carpet squares if I would lay them down myself.  And, they had found a can of greyish-chocolatey-purple paint under the deck they would be willing to donate.

Although I decided against slathering the cinderblocks in that indescribable paint color, I found the beauty and design I love were not out of reach for this space. I chose a variegated tan for the carpet that gave the room a sense of warmth and comfort – both of which it was desperately lacking – and traded the old quilt on my bed for a plush comforter.  When I hung my favorite outfits on the hooks on the wall it almost looked like an artistic statement.  A few dark woven storage baskets I scored on clearance contained much of my random belongings with class.  To top it off, my Mom found me a Japanese screen to use for my bedroom door with my white bedroom blinds.

Although my crazy, unconventional, ex-garage bedroom was only mine for a year, when I left it, it had become one of my favorite rooms ever.  That experience taught me that when you look on the bright side of things, you’ll discover what you never thought was possible.

Maxing Out My Home with Southwestern Style

Whether you are just starting to decorate your very first place of your own, or you are on your tenth time redecorating your current decor, using things such as southwest rugs can add a great impression and comfort level that is hard to achieve otherwise. Rugs can be used just about anywhere throughout the home and are often used on both hardwood and carpeted floors as accent pieces. When you have several thing colors going on within a room and do not have a lot of extra money to redo everything, throwing in southwestern area rugs here and there can help pull all the colors together and make it work.


A lot of home make good use of these types of rugs and use them wherever possible. Especially if you have an older home or an old farmhouse that you are redoing, as these types of southwestern style rugs can bring out the age of a home which can be, at times, remarkably stunning. Although a lot of people do not specifically take notice to the rugs when they walk into a home, they still give the person an overall sense of feeling about the home whether they realize it or not.


Depending on the exact effect you are planning to go for, and depending on your budget, you can go with one of two types of rugs. There are the used rugs, which because of their age give more of an older look, and then there are the rugs that look older and such but are brand new in the store. Either way, if you are looking to get some good-sized area rugs, be prepared to spend a few hundred each, even if they are used. Sometimes, believe it or not, the older the rugs are, the more they cost because of the look they have achieved throughout the years and what they will add to someone’s home.


A lot of your old worn in rugs can be found at antique shops, auctions, or even in your local newspaper. These rugs are heavy so be prepared to have someone with you and watch out for the price tag. Even though they look thin, they are old and used, and they are just rugs, you are going to be paying a pretty penny for those rugs. You can also purchase brand new southwestern rugs that are just rustic looking versus being rustic, but those will still cost you a few hundred although depending on the style of your home, you may be better off with the newer looking rugs then the worn in look.

Turning a House into A Home

living room furnitureDecor is defined as any kind of decoration in any form of room. With such a broad definition, everybody has experienced the troubles, the benefits, and the choices that come with the decor. I personally have moved over seven times in my nineteen years of living. All those times we have moved I have had to decorate my room and help with my sibling’s rooms, the bathrooms, and the living rooms. So, if I say so myself I have a lot of experience with the decor in my life and I am going to tell you why it matters.


A room is just a room, it takes time, effort and thought to make just a room, your room. That time, effort, and thought are also known as “decor”. Trust me I have had friends and some family that do not decorate their house, they just have some furniture but didn’t really put much thought into it. They do have some reasons, “it is too expensive”, “it takes too much time”, “it is a waste of money”. I personally believe your house until it looks the way that you want, and that shows that it is your house.


It may be expensive, it may take up all your money and your time that you can use on other things in life but in the end, it is worth it. When you have people over, they just see a house, not your house. The house I am in right now that I am currently writing this paper in, it is not decorated, no rug, no wall decorations, not much that you would have in a house that is yours.  We just moved in so we are in the process of using decor to finally make this house the Bair house.  At the end of this paper I realized the real reason decor matters is because it turns a house into a home.

Embracing Minimalism in Home Decor

As a former exchange student, I can respect those who live out of a single suitcase. Now that I’m home, I’ve done some reassessing to all of the belongings I had left behind- it was way more than I thought! I’ve been studying the idea of minimalism for a while now; I can reflect back on when I purged my bedroom for the first time, asking, “why do I need this” and “how will I use this” time and time again. The ideas aren’t new though; they’re long-standing traditions in Buddhism and zen practice, all things I become fascinated with in my Asian Philosophy course.


I found that I only really wanted and needed a quarter of my belongings, but that quarter represented a lot to me and what I find important. When playing the game of keep, donate, toss, I knew I had to keep my favorite carpet, a southwestern rug whose woven pattern leaves a unique mark on my bare, plain wood floor. I have a few small antique frames that hold pictures of me and my dad, my grandparents, and one of my boyfriend. On the other side of my shelf, I keep my favorite candleholders- I love them because they warm up just the right way to give my room a relaxing vibe. Underneath I keep piles of my favorite antique philosophy books, used in classes or read as stand alones to keep me occupied. I would say the most prominent feature of my room is the Christmas lights that evenly light my room from edge to edge with their soft glow.


I’ve learned to play with décor like this, because when you stick to a minimalist style, it’s getting the most out of the least. I think my fascination with having less is that there’s less to clean, it’s much easier finding things when I lose them, and because it makes me feel lighter and cleaner. I feel less tethered down. William Morris once said, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or to be beautiful.” My room is a mirror of who I am- I don’t have to tell you, you only have to look.

Why I Love Southwestern Decor

A time decor mattered to me was about two months ago. Decor is not just decorating it’s much more. The way your home is decorated has a lot to do with who you are, your home describes the type of person you are. Two months ago, I was facing a problem trying to figure out who I was, I was currently leaving for college and it was the first time I was leaving home. When I left, I moved to a new home and it felt like an empty canvas to me, so I had to decorate my home to what I believe describes me. As I decorated I realized it was harder than I thought because I didn’t know whether to go with traditional Southwestern decor or go for what I like and decorate like I see it in magazines.

This was crucial for me because I didn’t want family members to feel like I have forgotten all about my culture, but my favorite type of decor was modern decor. So, to make this easy I asked my mom to help me with my project. As my mom was helping me she wanted Mexican quilts everywhere, flowers on my ceiling, Mexican soft blankets with animal pictures etc. and I didn’t want any of that. I had to tell her what I liked and she agreed! Once I finished decorating my home my mom said “That’s exactly what I expected of you, you are always unique”. I was happy because my mom excepted who I was and loved my decoration not only her but also my friends and other relatives. They loved it and every time they came in they said it was beautiful and they know I love my culture but I also love to be unique and different.

Bowling Green


The transition into college can be tough for anyone, especially someone who moved hours away from their home without knowing anybody. I started my first semester of college at Bowling Green State University, which is three hours away from my hometown. I was the only one of my friends who chose to go there, and I was one of the only students from my high school to attend BGSU. I was homesick before I even got there, but how I decorated my dorm room helped me feel more at home. I color coordinated everything. My bed spread, sheets, bins, rug, pillows, and everything else were a light teal color. Besides the color coordination, I had string lights across my entire dorm with pictures of my friends and family attached to them. The pictures that were hung up reminded me of my friends and family and all the memories we share together. The memories were very comforting during this period of transition, because I had a rough first few weeks at college. As time went on, I started making friends and enjoying my time at BGSU.

My friends would comment on how cute I decorated my dorm room, and it made me feel good about myself, because I picked everything out. As the semester came to an end, I decided on a major that BGSU did not have, and transferred to The University of Akron for Civil Engineering. I had to leave all my new friends and start over. But, this time it would be easier because I was able to roommate with my best friend. Because we are very similar in many ways, our color scheme matched, and we could match our entire dorm room. Our room had three basic themes: teal, traveling, and our favorite TV show, Friends. This dorm room was much bigger than my room at BGSU, so I could decorate much more. I hung up posters, more lights, a tapestry, more pictures, and even two pieces of my own artwork. This dorm room let me express myself through memories, my interests, and my own art. I felt that our room really described who my roommate and I were, and that is what I feel décor is about. Décor is expressing yourself through things that you enjoy. Not everyone like the same colors and decorations I have, but I do. Décor is about expressing yourself. Whether it is at your permanent residence or your home-away-from-home, décor can display your true personality.