Greek - Bulgarian Culture Association

The association is a cultural and educational non-profit organization created that has been established by Bulgarians immigrants who live and work in Athens.The organization currently has 40 members, while it is also supported by the families - more than 70 Bulgarian families in total- of children that have graduatedfrom the Sunday school that the organisation operates.

The main aims of the organization are:

• To defend and support by all legal means the rights of Bulgarian nationals living, working or studying in Greece for better promotion of their material, moral, cultural and social interests, and particularly those related to their stay and work in Greece;

• To assist in the preservation of the Bulgarian community’s culture, language, manners and customs and to facilitate their contact with their compatriots everywhere;

• To provide Bulgarian immigrants with the necessary knowledge and information about the host country in order to facilitate their integration into the Greek society;

• Provide the Greek community with knowledge and information about Bulgaria in order to promote mutual understanding and further cooperation between the two countries;

• To promote solidarity between the different nations by developing relations of good cooperation with other communities of foreign citizens living and working in Greece.

The Association aims to achieve its objectives and goals through organizingseminars of educational contents, meetings, conferences, educational tours andother cultural and sporting events for members of the association and the general public. Moreover, the association cooperates with other clubs, associations,social or public institutions to carry out activities or events that meet the goals of the Bulgarian people who live in Athens.

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